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About Us:

Abdullatif Aljassmi advocates and Legal Consultants is a law firm aims at providing legal services and consultancy based on transparency and honesty morals.

Our team is keen to keep updated and diligently follow up the new laws, decrees and regulations applicable in United Arab Emirates, as well as to study the mechanism of their applications.

Our team seeks to study all aspects of each dispute and provides the most efficient settlements that serve the interest of the clients in maintaining their rights while warding off risks and damages that may befall them.

Our team has succeeded in gaining distinguished experience and ability to handle variant complex cases. Thus, we got qualified to win our clients’ trust.

Consequently, our law firm deserved to be among the leading law firms.

As we believe that the Accomplished justice starts from seeking first to reach a dispute settlement in favor of our clients as per their desire. Such settlements are assigned to team of leading lawyers who have excessive experience in negotiations and settlements, so as to shorten the long procedures of lawsuits and to save the charges and expenses of litigation.

Abdullatif Al Jassmi

Career Path

  • Graduated from College of Sharia and Law – UAE University in 1992.
  • Appointed at Public Prosecution and got promoted until attained the position of Head of Public Prosecution.
  • Became as a Member of the Technical Committee for Legislation at the Ministry of Justice from 1997 to 2005.
  • From Public Prosecution he went to the Judicial field at Dubai Courts to be the hired as the first judge with the rank Head of the Court. He got promoted till he was appointed as the General Director of Dubai Courts in 2005.
  • Then, he became the Director General of the Higher Institute of Judicial and Legal Sciences with the rank Director General of Dubai Courts.

In 2010, he was appointed as a Secretary-General of the Council of the Diplomatic Corps with the rank Minister Plenipotentiary.

  • In 2020, Established Abdullatif Aljassmi Advocates and Legal consultants.


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