Foreign Verdict Execution

Foreign Verdict Execution

Some verdicts issued in another country (Foreign Verdict) are required to be executed in one of the emirates where the domicile of the defendant is. That requires following some special legal measures regarding these verdicts and their execution stamp then filing the execution before the competent court of the concerned emirate and initiating the execution procedures. Therefore, the foreign verdicts under this process will as effective as verdicts issued by UAE judicial authority, in terms of the procedures taken to settle the due amounts and the necessary compulsory measures to inquire about the defendant funds and assets, and the other attachment measures and procedures.

Section Four of Chapter Three of the Executive Regulation for Federal Civil Procedures Law No. (11) of 1992 regulates the provisions and procedures for executing the foreign verdicts and orders, starting from the required attestations and procedures to obtain the executive stamp in the country till settling the dues and closing the file.

Our leading team of lawyers and legal consultants diligently work to efficiently handle those cases and their required procedures since the issuance of the foreign verdict till the final stages of execution.

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