Legal Services

Legal Services

We have the eligibility to appear before all federal and local courts and police stations in all the emirates as well as to represent our clients in various fields of law, such as civil, commercial, and criminal cases, at all stages (first instance – appeal – cassation), with more than 20 years of experience.

Our Services includes :

  • Handling civil, criminal and administrative cases.
  • A team specialized in dealing with various business sectors such as banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, contracting companies, airlines, and shipping companies.
  • Drafting the contracts, agreements, acknowledgments for companies and Individuals.
  • Drafting laws and internal regulations for institutions, based on our long experiences as former members of government legislative committees.


Commercial Cases

Rental Disputes

Criminal Cases

Labor Cases

Contracting Cases

Compensation Claims


Insurance Cases

Administrative Cases

Personal Status cases


Foreign Verdict Execution


Banking and Financial Cases

Intellectual Property Rights

Stocks, Bonds and Deeds

Mergers and Acquisitions

Civil Procedures

Drafting Contracts & Legal Documents

Drafting Contracts & Legal Documents

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